WELCOME to web service of YN Tex Group.

Our company was established in 1974 as a “part and hand printing” facility in Istanbul / Mahmutbey region. Within the following years, it has been transformed into an organization that makes “Knitting, Fabric, Dye”. We started to work with knitting, fabric finishing in 1988 with JEMKO Continue Kasar and started to operate in Çorlu / TEKİRDAĞ facilities in 1992. In the same year, we started knitting and fabric dyeing operations.

We continue to provide services with 25 tons / day fabric dyeing, 14 tons / day Continue Kasar, all kinds of knitted fabric sales in our facilities within a closed production area of 16.000m2 on a 52.000m2 land where investment in technology and man power are sustained.

Our company is increasing its market share and competitive power day by day with young, dynamic work force with its professional management staff with a long-term, permanent and contemporary approach. It continues to serve with 20 personnel in Istanbul General Directorate, with 250 personnel in Çorlu Production Facilities.

YN Tex Group has always aimed to provide the best and fastest service to its customers by using all the technological possibilities at the time of its existence. With the power and support it receives from its customers and with its sensitivity to the environment and latest technology, YN Tex Group has always aimed to reach to the better and more beautiful.